Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Hypnosis?

    Hypnosis is an in between state where you are neither asleep or awake. Hypnosis allows the hypnotist to “speak to your subconscious.” This is the part of you that controls what you do automatically. You are not conscious of what your subconscious does. For example, when driving to work or school, you often do not remember every red light or turn you make, yet you get to your workplace or school. When driving down the highway, talking to your friends, you miss the exit because you were involved in a conversation with one of your friends sitting in the backseat. Your subconscious was in control. You consciously so not wanted to miss that exit. But you did! And, now you will have to drive another 8 miles before you can make a U-Turn. Say thank you to your subconscious. You were in hypnosis! Hypnosis is essentially a psycho-physiological state of...

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  • How is hypnosis different from psychotherapy?

    How is Hypnosis Different from Psychotherapy? Hypnosis is not therapy. Hypnosis is results! With hypnosis, no one tells you what you ought to think or do or how you should (or others should) behave. Through hypnosis you determine what is right for you and make up your own mind with the help of a trained hypnotist who will help get what you really want into your subconscious mind so that what you want to happen (or not to happen) is done (or not done) quite naturally. You are never told how to think. You are never told what to do. Hypnotists don’t change anyone. Hypnotists help ordinary people change themselves, feel better and live the lives that they please. Hypnotists never make judgments or interject their own personal views with the exception of when the client may hurt themselves or others. When you leave Major Mindset Hypnosis, you won’t feel...

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  • How can hypnosis help me lose weight?

    Losing weight with hypnosis could not be easier. Major Mindset has two specific weight loss programs. In fact, one program requires no dieting, no exercising and absolutely no willpower! The hypnotist motivates you by helping you dial back your stress levels and working on the subconscious level so that you see yourself and begin acting as a thin person. You will feel as though you are actually at your ideal weight when you think of food and when you exercise. Dieting, exercising are not required but become very desirable. You are thin. You are at your ideal weight and you become less stressed, less anxious, less nervous and more in control of your body and especially what you eat. It’s not really a diet, it’s the new you that you discover and become in hypnosis

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