Major Mindset Tutoring

Tutoring for Children, Teens & Adults

Major Mindset Tutoring

Tutoring for K-12 Students, College Students & Adults

Major Mindset Tutoring provides positive learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities. Major Mindset Tutoring helps students improve reading, writing, thinking and math skills. Additionally, Major Mindset Tutoring uses the Orton-Gillingham Method (phonics) for teaching reading and CRIS Reading Strategies for improving middle school reading comprehension. Our skill-based tutoring programs are consistent with the Common Core Curriculum. Major Mindset Tutoring also provides subject specific tutoring for students of all ability levels, including those students with learning disabilities. Major Mindset Hypnosis-Counseling provides Academic Hypnosis-Counseling for students of all ages and develops coping mechanisms to enhance the learning experience.

Skill-Based Tutoring

Reading Comprehension, Math Skills & More

Major Mindset Tutoring helps elementary and middle school students improve in reading comprehension, decoding skills, listening skills, math skills and more. Students learn how to find the main idea in a passage, learn reading skills through the Orton-Gillingham approach and improve all math skills through both “the old fashioned way” as well as the new common core approach.

Subject Area Tutoring

Earn top grades when you improve your understanding through subject-specific tutoring from Major Mindset Tutoring. Whether it is mathematics, history, English or some other subject, Major Mindset Tutoring can help you with your studies. Let Major Mindset proofread your written work, go over the novel that you are reading or help you prepare for tests, quizzes or other assessments.

Advanced STEM Tutoring

Advanced Science & Math Tutoring

Need help with an advanced math or science course? Major Mindset Tutoring can help with Advanced Placement Math, College Level Math, biology, chemistry and other science courses. Make your science or math class a whole lot easier when you get the information delivered to you by an experienced Major Mindset STEM tutor.